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QuickBooks Online Error 101 is a scripting error that generally appears when Windows is unable to complete the command required to run web-based applications. Windows applications such as .Net Framework, Java, and Flash should work properly for QuickBooks Online to function properly. Issues with these Windows components may impact QuickBooks Desktop and Online Service Center ad lead to errors like QuickBooks Online Error 101.

If you receive this error, you may not be able to link your bank account or import banking transactions to QuickBooks Online. So let’s proceed without wasting any time and learn “how to resolve QuickBooks online Error 101”.

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Solutions to Resolve QuickBooks Online Error 101

The following are enlist steps to troubleshoot the QuickBooks online error 101. The QB users recommended following the resolution steps to fix this error code. However, you can take help from QuickBooks online support team to save your time and efforts.

Solution 1:

  • Go to the left menu, hit onto the “Banking” tab.
  • Hit onto the unwanted accounts to un-select.

Note: (In case, QuickBooks user wants to update some of the accounts. Blue indicates the selected bank whereas grey means unselected.)

  • At the upside right-hand corner, choose the “Update” icon.
  • Enter the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) credentials if QuickBooks requires doing that. 

Note: QuickBooks users suppose to enter the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) credentials before it disappears. 

  • Select the “Continue Update” icon.
  • Once the update is completed, you will see a notification that updated successfully.
  • Finally, check that last update date & transaction must have changed too.

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Solution 2:

  • In the left menu, navigate & choose the “Banking” tab.
  • At the top right corner of the banking display, select the “Add Account” option.
  • Check the name of the financial institution with which bank account connected.
  • In the drop-down option, select the respective bank.
  • Finally, hit the link of the associated bank’s website.

Solution 3:

  • Go to the “Transactions” icon & choose the “Banking” option.
  • At the upper right corner, choose the “Add Account” option.
  • Choose the respective bank & connect the account by following the given instruction.

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Solution 4:

Verify the internet connection setting on the computer.

  • Open the browser and try to open any website to check the internet connection.
  • In case, the website open normally then internet connection is fine. If not, then it will notify that there is some problem with the internet connection.
  • Once there is proper internet connect, download the update from the Internet Explorer.
  • Ensure that Internet Explorer is set as the default browser.

Reconfigure the QuickBooks Internet connection:

  • Go to the “Help” menu, select the “Internet Connection Setup” tab.
  • Choose the “Use my Computer’s Internet Connect Setting” option.
  • Choose the “Next” icon and later hit the “done” icon to start the process.
  • Finally, reset the QuickBooks updates.

Solution 5:

Enable TLS 1.2 and make changes to Encrypted Pages Settings

  • Go to the Advanced tab and scroll down to “TLS 1.2”.
  • See if TLS 1.2 is checked, if not, click and check the box in front of that.
  • Now look for “Do Not Save Encrypted Pages” to Disk and uncheck this option
  • Click on “Apply” and then hit “OK” to save the changes

Solution 6:

Download recent updates available for .Net Framework, Java, Adobe Flash Player on Windows.

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Final Note..!

Hopefully, the manual solutions shown above are beneficial for users to resolve the QuickBooks Error Code 101 on their own. But if you still have any query or problem associated with this error code or any other QuickBooks problem – feel free to contact us at our QuickBooks payroll support number i.e. +1-844-405-0907. Our support team remains active 24/7.


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