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QuickBooks and QuickBooks Pro are easy to learn and use. Accounting knowledge is not necessary. You do not need to understand debits, credits or posting, all you have to do is to fill familiar forms on the screen like checks, invoices and other forms. QuickBooks will do your accounting for you, and the things will be crystal clear.

Here are some of the basic small business accounting and bookkeeping principles defined in simple terms.

Accounting and Bookkeeping PrinciplesAccounting and Bookkeeping Principles
Capital: Debt vs. EquityBalance Sheet
Accounts ReceivableJournal Entries
Bookkeeping Systems: Single-Entry vs. Double-EntryAccounting Methods: Cash vs. Accrual
Accounting Methods: Cash vs. AccrualCash Flow
Debits and CreditsDepreciation
LiabilitiesProfit and Loss

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We hope that now your doubts related to accounting in QuickBooks are clear now. And if you still think that accounting is a big deal then feel free to call our QuickBooks Consultant by dialing toll-free at +1-844-405-0907.

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